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DUE TO THIS COVID -19 OUTBREAK we understand this is a very scary time for a lot of marrying couples. Since there is not a lot of understanding on how COVID-19 is going to impact weddings over the next few months, it’s understandable that many engaged couples are feeling uneasy.  While the present may have been canceled, the future is not! At Fast Living Studios we are here to help you plan your future event and capture your memories. Book your future event today and receive 30% OFF EVERYTHING. Fast Living Studios has you covered! Just book your event by Dec 31, 2020 with a 50% deposit and your event is secured.

South Florida's #1 Choice for Photo Booth Rentals


Cinematic Weddings

Here at Fast Living Studios we specialize in the art of filmmaking and storytelling.  So we know exactly what it takes to turn your special day into a cinematic masterpiece.  Whether fun, silly, serious, adventurous, heartwarming or all the above.  Allow us to tell your love story on this magical day and create unforgettable memories to share for many years to come. 

Video Production

From concept to delivery, we create visually stunning, emotionally compelling and intellectually engaging video and creative content that increases revenue and improves the perceived value of brands across the globe.


Through our unique branding process you will discover more about yourself, your brand, and how they both impact the world. We not only specialize in breathe-taking visuals – We tell brand stories that change the world.

Red Carpet Services

  • Lights

  • Custom Step n Repeat

  • VIP Quality Persian Red Carpet

  • Stanchion and Velvet Ropes

  • Host

  • Video Coverage

Salsa Photo Booth

Salsa booth is a full digital photo booth that allows your guests to enjoy the latest in photo booth technology. Whether they want to take a picture, create a gif, record a short video or make a boomerang your guests are sure to have a fun time. They will also have the opportunity to share the fun with their friends,instantly online. Salsa booth is the future of the event entertainment industry.

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